Batch and conti processing units

Complete process units are put together, from standardized modules. The modules that are dependent on the process dimensions can be adapted very flexibly to your needs. Simple realization of the possible enhancements, as well as shortened installation and maintenance times are an additional characteristic of this modular design type. The set up of process units is identical, from a 10 liter laboratory machine to a 5000 liter production unit.

The system advantages

Flexible automization system

By means of various setup steps and option modules, from the operating tray solution, all the way up to a PC-supported, scalable SCADA solution.

Fully automatic recipe operation

Complete batches and sub-quantities are manufactured, fully automatically, based on their recipes. Dynamic visualization and transparent data handling. The condition of the unit is represented dynamically. The process data is captured, stored and can be printed and/or archived, if required, in batch.

Open system

By linking our control to an external, higher control, using a "remote interface", this is possible, without problems.

Reliable maintenance of guidelines

Project sequence based on GAMP, structure of the software based on the ISA S88.01 model, and 21CFR Part 11 conformity.

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